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WPM08 8mm Flat Washer..
WPM10 Flat Washer..
WPM20 Flat Washer, Lock Assembly..
WSM10 Spring Washer..
Challenger X10-019 Hex	Nut	10M
X10-019 Hex Nut 10M ..
Challenger X10-020 Retaining	Ring	20mm
X10-020 Retaining Ring 20mm..
Challenger X10-026 M6 x 15 Socket Head Capscrew
X10-026 M6 x 15 Socket Head Capscrew ..
Challenger X10-027 Roll	Pin,	6	x	35
X10-027 Roll Pin, 6 x 35..
Challenger X10-029 Washer
X10-029 Washer..
Challenger X10-030 - Lock Release Pulley Axle
X10-030 - Lock Release Pulley Axle ..
Challenger X10-032 Washer 6mm
X10-032 Washer 6mm ..
Challenger X10-033 Lock	Washer	6mm
X10-033 Lock Washer 6mm ..
Challenger X10-034 Hex	Nut	M6x1.0	PITCH
X10-034 Hex Nut M6x1.0 PITCH ..
Challenger X10-037 Bolt,	M12	x	30
X10-037 Bolt, M12 x 30..
Challenger X10-038 Washer	12mm
X10-038 Washer 12mm..
Challenger X10-039 Lock	Washer	12mm
X10-039 Lock Washer 12mm..
Challenger X10-040 Nut,	M12
X10-040 Nut, M12..
X10-047 Hydraulic Cylinder Model X10..
Challenger X10-048 Nut	M8
X10-048 Nut M8..
Challenger X10-051 Bolt	M6-1.0	x	20
X10-051 Bolt M6-1.0 x 20..
Challenger X10-055 Washer
X10-055 Washer ..
Challenger X10-060 Bolt	M10	x	65
X10-060 Bolt M10 x 65..
Challenger X10-063 Bolt	M10	x	45
X10-063 Bolt M10 x 45..
Challenger X10-065 Screw	M5	x	10
X10-065 Screw M5 x 10..
Challenger X10-073 Washer	10mm
X10-073 Washer 10mm..
Challenger X10-075 Screw	M10
X10-075 Screw M10..
Challenger X10-077 Screw	M10	x	25
X10-077 Screw M10 x 25..
Challenger X10-080 Roll	Pin	4	x	24
X10-080 Roll Pin 4 x 24..
Challenger X10-081 Roll	Pin	4	x	30
X10-081 Roll Pin 4 x 30..
Challenger X10-087 Washer	8mm
X10-087 Washer 8mm..
Challenger X10-088 Bolt	M8	x	30
X10-088 Bolt M8 x 30..
Challenger X10-095 Nut	M16
X10-095 Nut M16..
Challenger X10-096 Locknut	M10
X10-096 Locknut M10..
Challenger X10-099 Washer	20mm
X10-099 Washer 20mm..
QSP 41-11-Q Turn Plate Repair Kit (2pc)
Challenger Replacement Lift Parts Turn Plate Repair Kit (2pc) includes: (54) 9/16" Celcon..
SVI 7006-01-17 AB1270 Standard Replacement Power Unit by SPX (Our Goto) Same as 7006-01
Universal power unit replacement, 2hp, 220v, 1 phase, 2465..
$743.75 $525.00
SVI BH-7004-19 Power Unit Power Switch for Fenner 1258-AA MicroSwitch - Fits Many Brands Like Hunter  Rotary  Challenger  Forward  Bend Pak and Others
Fenner 1258-AA MicroSwitch used in many older power units.  Also used for overhead switch...
SVI BH-7232-99  Arm Supporter for Challenger 26K25010
SVI Replacement BH-7232-99 Quality Lift Arm Supporter 26K25010 ..
SVI Replacement for Challenger Part # A1072 - Outer Gear (Arm Restraint) - BH-7232-19
Outer Gear (Arm Restraint) ..
Challenger GTYJ3-31X Lock Release Cable
Challenger GTYJ3-31X Lock Release Cable -13.75inch STROKE 5/16" dia stop 5/64" dia cable 9/3..
Good replacement 25amp micro-switch for Rotary P1483, as well as working with many Fenner/Stone/SP..
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