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Class A - See Terms

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9mm(.35") x 9892mm(32'-5.5")
If you cannot measure the length of your cable, we can rule this one out if yours does not weight 8.0lbs. 

*****THIS CABLE IS 3/8" DIAMETER**** Test your cable by placing a 3/8 open end wrench over the CABLE STRANDS - not the cable ends. This should be a GOOD fit, without being snug, but no play. If this test does not give the correct results, you probably need the JSJ5-04-00 Cable.

There is no really good way, on this lift model and cable set, to make sure that you get the proper cable for your lift. Please be aware that this is a problem that we are aware of, and cannot make better because we cannot measure your lift, and the manufacturer does not have a consistent record on answering the question of which fits. Please order this cable knowing that there is a 33% chance it is the right one, unless you measure the diameter, and even then it is only as good as 50-50.

Please call if you have any other concerns.


Due to variations in the lifts over time, the part number depicted in your diagram may not be accurate. To verify the part before purchase, please contact us with Model Number & Serial Number of you lift. .

Please Note Inventory Level Status - Does not denote item is in stock. Class A items generally ship direct from the manufacturer. Class A items generally have a 3 business day lead time from the date of order before it will be ready to ship. All Challenger parts orders have a minimum Drop Ship order of $100.00. Additional lead times and charges will apply if the minimum order is not met. Please feel free to contact us to verify stock and availability before placing an order.

There aren't any reviews for this product.

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