Rotary SPOA10-TA Asymmetric 2 Post Lift | Truck Adapter 3-Stage Arms

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Rotary SPOA10-TA Two Post Lift - Asymmetric - with Truck Adapter Three Stage Arms

Same as SPOA10 with 3-stage FRONT arms and truck adapters.
Primarily for use with frame vehicles. (For RA adapters also order FJ6225).
Comes with (4) FJ6171-1 Extensions 3 1/2” Tall and (4) FJ6171-2 Extensions 5” Tall.
  • Unlike most other lifts, Rotary® power units are designed and built by Rotary, for Rotary lifts. We don’t use 3rd party power units which are for universal applications. Adjustable height option on two-post column extensions gives you flexibility during installation to maximize the vehicles you can service with each lift
  • The patented “Double S” (US Patent No. 5,009,287) single piece construction column design provides a channel for the bearings to travel that maximizes the strength of the column and surface contact area of the bearing
  • Arm restraints make positioning of arms easy. They engage when the lift is raised and automatically disengage when the lift is fully lowered
  • Overhead padded switch bar to prevent damaging a vehicle from being raised too high
  • Standard three-position flip-up adapters allow for quick and easy contact with pickup points on a variety of vehicles
  • Three-Stage/Front and Two-Stage/Rear arms: The three-stage arm increases overall arm sweep and minimum arm reach to precisely lift vehicles that have:
    • Uni-body construction
    • Visually marked pick-up points on the vehicle
    • Wider wheelbase and lower profile
    • A short or long wheelbase


Rise Capacity


(1880 mm)

10,000 lbs

(4536 kg)


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