Challenger JSJ5-04-00CHH Synchronizing Cable,E10- 3/8" Diameter

Challenger Lifts
E10 Class B - See Terms

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Class B - See Terms

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SYNCHRONIZING CABLE, E10EH2 2ft Extended Lift Column Height 167.875” Synchronizing Cable Overall Length 437.5"

More Notes Regarding Cables 

!!! E10, LE10, VLE10 and VLE08 Synchronizing Cables !!!

All E10 lifts made after May of 2008 and all LE10, VLE10 and VLE08 lifts are/were sold as standard height. The lift height extension kit is/was available but the kits are/were not tracked or associated with lift serial numbers. The difference is the height of the lift, as illustrated in the attached manual. Cable lengths are longer for extended height lifts and vice-versa, as stated below.

Standard Overall Lift Height 143.875”


Synchronizing Cable Overall Length 389.5"


2ft Extended Overall Lift Height 167.875”


Synchronizing Cable Overall Length 437.5"

For lifts (E10 or X10) made before June of 2008, use JSJ5-04-00 [Synchronizing Cable, MDL E10/X10]

Overall Lift Height 151.5”

Synchronizing Cable Overall Length 404”

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