RP6-0999 Oiler/Lubricator

Quality Stainless
RP6-0999 17 in stock

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This is an aftermarket replacement for your original E|Q RP6-0999 Oiler/Lubricator.

We can sell the original direct replacement for the E|Q made by Camozzi, but priced at $115 from E|Q, it is difficult for me to justify stocking them.

We can order these direct from Camozzi and get better pricing than your E|Q rep, we just think this is a better alternative, dollar for dollar.

If you need the original Camozzi, please call me for current pricing.



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RB-6 Bead Breaker Roller Plate from QSP

No more lifting the tire to rotate to the next position to break down the tire bead. Just roll the tire, and no lifting required. Better than the Hoffman and Snap-On EAA0304G51A

Th RB-6  Bead Roller plate can either bolt down to the floor, or rest on rubber pads.


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