Tsunami 21999-0193 1/2" Air Regulator

Surburban / Tsunami
21999-0193 Procurable



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"21999-0193 - Pressure Regulator (Fits 50 SCFM Tsunami Automatic Water Separator)

Tsunami Pressure Regulators are an all-metal, highly reliable, heavy duty piston regulator. Piston regulators offer higher flow rates than standard diaphragm units. Tsunami Pressure regulators also have excellent set pressure stability. Construction is non-corroding powder-coated Zamac with locking composite knob. Comes with dual 1/8"" NPT gage ports, integral mounting holes, zinc plated jam nut for bulkhead mounting. Standard over-pressure exhaust valve.

To set pressure: Lift locking knob and turn to desired pressure. Push knob back down to lock pressure setting and preventing altering.

***Shown with OPTIONAL pressure gauge***
Click here for the Gauge!"

There aren't any reviews for this product.


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