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Rotary PFXA-E Parts Diagram

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Diagrams are for reference only.

These diagrams are one version of many possible variations. We cannot be held responsible for errors. 

It is important that you call to us, to verify the parts you need are indeed what is listed.

Parts returned due to diagram variations will be subject to the normal restocking fees listed in our Terms and Conditions.


3/8 Auxillary Rubber Pad FJ2196-8 Cylinder Bracket FJ2293-1 Heat Resistant Pad FJ2252-6 Changes to FJ2195-5-KIT Standard Superstructure Standard Pad FJ2252-5 Changes to FJ2195-4-KIT Standard Pad FJ2252-5 Changes to FJ2195-4-KIT Standard Pad FJ2252-5 Changes to FJ2195-4-KIT 1/4 Standard Base FJ2254 5/8 Wheel Spotting Dish FF729-1 Drive Anchor FJ7659-2 Rear Leg Assembly FJ2256 Leg Hinge Bushing Kit FJ2257 Front Leg Assembly FJ2255 Locking Leg FA2243 5/8 Nut FJ2298-8 Release Handle Assembly FA2243-3 End Cap FJ2281-8 Machinery Bushing Washer FJ2252-4 Changes to FJ2257KIT 1/8 Hydraulic Cylinder FJ2248 Optional Cylinder Cover FJ2280 Hose FJ85 Power Unit Stand FA536 Changes to FJ864BK Power Unit (Air Version) P622 Changes to P836 Power Unit (Electric Version) P601 Changes to P3035 5/16 5/16 Air Power Unit Bracket P522-3 5/16 3/8 Optional Portable Power Unit Stand FA569 Changes to FJ2410BK

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