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Rotary AR40 Parts Diagram

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These diagrams are one version of many possible variations. We cannot be held responsible for errors. 

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rotary-AR40-parts-diagram R.H. (Adjust.) Runway Assembly S120338 L.H. (Fixed) Runway Assembly (Includes cylinder, cables and sheaves) S110119 1/2 Wheel Stop FC5804-19 Ramp Chock Assembly S110016 5/32 5/8 Hinge Pin FC134-99 Ramp Chock S120072 Ramp Chock Slide FC134-33 #10-24 PNHDMS x 3/4 #10-24 Hex Nut 40633

Triangular Wheel Chock FC320 Hydraulic Cylinder S130002

Cable Pull Bar S120075 Cable Retaining Bar S120068
1 3/8 
1 3/8 
Front Yoke S120308 
Front Yoke Ass'y. (Including Latches) S110103 Rear Yoke S120309

Rear Yoke Ass'y. (Including Latches) S110104 Column S110049
Power Unit Column S120314

Power Unit *P1081/P3081 5/8 
7/8 7/8 Latch Bar S120312
3/4 3/4 Turning Radius Gauge Assembly FA5157

Turntable Guide Bar FA5153-1 Retaining Cable S130043
Control Box FA7490

Toe Guard Switch S130050 5/16 5/16 Sheave Pin 
Standard FC5224-21 Sheave
 FC5804-2 Yoke Sheave Spacer
 FC5927-10 Slider
 FC5706-16 1/4 Guard
 FC5802-18 1/4 Cotter Pin, 1/8 Latch Shaft
 FC5901-7 Washer
 FC5301-98 Changes to 41387 1/4 Clevis Pin
 FA2230-12 Latch
 FC5706-10 Spacer FC5706-9

3/8 Slack Cable Roller FC553-21
Kicker  S120103
 Changes to S110017BK 
Extension Spring FC522-25 Clevis Pin S130051
Air Cylinder S110019 
Elbow FC5224-39 
Clevis FC5706-7 1/4 Limit Switch (1 Hole) S130139

Bolt and Nut 2 req'd. Right Front Cable
 S130079 Left Front Cable
 S130077 Right Rear Cable 
S130081 Left Rear Cable
 S130018 Sheave FC5804-2 Plastic Bearing FC5843-3 5/16 Sheave Pin FC555-1 Clevis Pin 
FC5346-1 3/16* x 1 1/4* Lg. Cotter Pin
 41247 #10 - 24NC Slotted
 HHTS x 5/8* Lg.
 40029 Clamp
 FA2239-1 Strip Grommet
 FC5317-12 Hose
 FC5798 1/4* Airline Tubing (50' roll) 
FA2230-2 1/4* Airline Tubing (50' roll) 
FA2230-2 1/4* Airline Tubing (50' roll) 
FA2230-2 Union Tee 
FC5225-46 Union
 FC5225-98 Left Front Switch
 FC5916-12 Right Front Switch 
FC5916-13 Left Rear Switch
 FC5888-12 Right Rear Switch
 FC5888-13 #10-24 x 3/4 #10-24 Nylon Lock Nut 40811 Adapter Bracket S120612 Elbow FC147-7 Elbow FC147-7 Filter/Regulator/Lubricator S130080 Recoil Hose FC147-14

Male Elbow FC147-7 Female Bulkhead FC147-1
Runway Tubing FC147-6
Tubing FC5313-2

Male Run Tee FC147-3 Male Branch Tee FC147-5
1/4 Airline Retainer Cable (182 
Recoil Hose - 
3/8 3/8 Retainer Bracket FC147-9

3/8 3/8

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