Rotary FJ7449 Equalizer CABLE

FJ7449 Class C - See Terms


Class C - See Terms

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Rotary Lifts Replacement Cables

29' 8-13/16" Long Equalizer Cable

Fits Models:

  • SPOA7
  • A7i Inbay Series Standard Height

Available in KIT N578

Let us help you find the correct cables the first time. The Make, Model and Configuration of your lift will change the cables used on your specific lift.

    Please contact us with the following information:
  • Brand of Lift
  • Full Model Number of Lift
  • Height of the Columns
  • Width of the Lift [ measured outside of base plate to outside of the other base plate ]
  • The types of ends on your cable; i.e. 2 threaded ends, 2 button ends, etc
  • Diameter of Cable. put a wrench on the cable itself to verify diameter needed. There are a few oddballs out there and this will save you a lot of frustration and downtime.

* If you do not know the Brand and/or Model of your lift, don't worry. Just get the remainder of the information. We will email you a cable worksheet to fill out and we can get it matched up that way.

Please note many cables are Special Order and are not eligible for Returns/Refunds or Exchanges. We want to make sure you get the right cables the first time and are not stuck with cables that will not work for you.

All Rotary parts Ship direct from the factory. All Rotary parts orders have a minimum order of $100.00. Additional ship time and charges will apply if the minimum order is not met.

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