Rotary T140062 AIR CYLINDER

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Rotary Lift Lock Release Air Cylinder T140062

This fits SL29 and the Rotary Y-series

Rotary has introduced a new and improved lock release cylinder for the SmartLift line. The new lock release
cylinder housing is made of UHMW (the material used to make 2-post and 4-post slider blocks), and all metal
components are made of stainless steel. This new cylinder design has greatly improved resistance from air
system or liquid contamination (inadvertent seepage into the containment vessel).
As an added feature to the replacement lock release cylinder, the lock clevis has been preinstalled on the
cylinder shaft. The clevis is locked in place with stainless steel nylon locking jam nuts. Please see the table
below for the correct new part number for specific models. Pricing on the new cylinder assemblies is the
same as the old part number.
Model Numbers Old Part Number New Part Number
SL29 Models -300 models and earlier T140062 T100145
SL29 Models -400 series and all SL212 Models T140062 T100146
The difference in the size of the clevis is the reason for having two part numbers. The clevis required for the
-400 models is larger than for the -300 models. If the clevis is removed from either part number above, the
cylinder can be used on any SL model. IMPORTANT: If at anytime you remove a clevis from a SmartLift
cylinder, it is essential to re-install the new clevis using the lock nuts provided or by using permanent

  As with all air operated devices, we recommend periodically checking to make sure your lubricator/oiler is functioning and full of oil. By doing this, it will help prevent premature part failure. 

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