SVI BH-7478-9 Bend-Pak  5595276 Equalizer Cable BP-9AC 425 Long 

SVI-BH-7478-90  Class A - See Terms


Class A - See Terms

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Lift Cable for BP9AC
SVI Part #: BH-7478-90
Ref# 119909, 5595276
FOR: Bend-Pak Lift

Cable for BendPak 2-Post Lift BP-9AC
Description Details:

Fits Model: Bend-Pak 2-Post Lift Model BP-9AC
Overall Length: 35’ 5” (425 in / 10795.00 mm) Long
Cable Diameter: 3/8” (9.525 mm)
Cable Material: Galvanized Steel
Cable Ends: (2) Threaded Studs 5/8”-11
Fasteners Included
Special Note: This Cable Assembly is for a Lift with a Height of 153” (12’ 9” / 3886.20 mm).

Due to variations in the lifts over time, the part number depicted in your diagram may not be accurate.Before you order, please call us to verify this part number. Please provide Model Number, Serial Number, Width of Lift (measured outside base plate - to outside baseplate and Height of the Columns). Cables are considered special ordered items and are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. We are happy to help you find the right cables the first time; keeping you for incurring extended down time.

This is a Special Order Item; item is not eligible for Returns , Refunds or Exchanges. Please Call to verify Part Number before ordering - We are here to help

Please Note Inventory Level Status - Does not denote item is in stock. Class B items generally ship direct from the manufacturer. Class B items generally have a 7 business day lead time from the date of order before it will be ready to ship. Please feel free to contact us to verify stock and availability before placing an order.

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